94% Of Adults Would Rather Live Without Sex Than A Mobile Phone Says Study

/ 4 years ago


A recent survey suggested that many people preferred new video games to having sex, now a new survey is suggesting that 94% of UK adults would rather live without sex than live without their mobile phone.

This growing trend hardly surprises me as the mobile phone is becoming pivotal to everyone’s daily life and many people probably wouldn’t be able to live “normally” without it. The mobile phone is very much part of Western culture and the Western lifestyle. According to a survey (by mobileinsurance.co.uk) of 2570 adults across the UK aged between 18 and 30:

  • 66% claimed they couldn’t live without their phone
  • 65% of people asked said they couldn’t live without their phone
  • 53% admitted they’re addicted to their handsets
  • 12% had phone insurance

What’s more hilarious yet shocking are some of the other things people would rather live without, than their mobile phone. These included:

  • Sex – 94%
  • TV/Film – 82%
  • Car – 71%
  • My partner – 62%
  • Bed – 55%
  • Money – 47%
  • Basic meals – 45%
  • House – 32%
  • Any other human contact – 23%
  • Own children – 9%
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The results are really quite surprising and you wonder how far detached from reality some people are – is your mobile phone really more important than your children, car, money or your house? I think a few days every now and then without a mobile phone is probably good for everyone’s health and sanity.

What do you think about these survey results? Can you live without your phone or are you addicted to it?


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  • true she spends more time in bed with her phone but when it shuts down I attack lol

  • I’ve lived most of my life without one & never missed it but it seems to be an integral part of most peoples lives now until the next big thing comes along.
    Personally I don’t think much about cell phones but I can’t do business without it.

  • just passing

    i can live without my phone
    i only use it for talking about 2-10 min
    and i always throw it on the bed for hours
    not to addicted to it i’m just being a normal guy