A Faster And Better Chrome For Mobile Browsing

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Google have been showing off all their latest developments this week at the Google I/O keynote and they’ve even gone as far to say that Chrome is now “the most popular browser used in the world” and I for one have to agree with them, given that everyone I know now uses the browser exclusively.

Linus Upson, Google’s vice president of engineering spoke about how he wanted the Google web experience to be the same everywhere, no matter what device your using and that it should be an experience that is personalized for you. With services like WebGL and web audio APIs making it possible to create new experiences based in your web browser on desktop, mobile and other devices, so long as they’re running the Chrome OS.

“The browser is a means, not an end, so we’re always focused on making the browser smaller and faster,” – Upson.

Google have three main goals for their developers, speed, simplicity and security and that’s something that has clearly been reflected in their products over the last couple of years, especially Chrome, where he said that their V8 JavaScript engine has improved its performance by 57% year on year for mobile platforms.

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Add to this new technologies such as the WebP image format, which cuts image size by a third, but doesn’t sacrifice image quality, a new video codec that requires half the bandwidth and support for VPN on Youtube. All of which Google hope will improve the internet not only for Chrome users, but for the internet as a whole and anything that saves bandwidth and load times is a massive win for the Internet as a whole. Google are even working on a data compression proxy for Chrome mobile devices, that will help save bandwidth in the same way by converting websites to WebP on the fly.

Google isn’t stopping there either as they aim to make it faster and easier to shop on Google, where they aim to cut the process down to three simple steps.

“Beyond just making webpages faster, we want to make things faster and simpler for users.” Said Upson “One of the hardest things to do on your phone today is buy something.”


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2 Responses to “A Faster And Better Chrome For Mobile Browsing”
  1. Wayne says:

    Is this Linus character kidding? I can’t even install the browser on my S3 mini.

  2. d6bmg says:

    I should say, it is, definitely, a good move!

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