A US Department “Handles” Malware Infection By Destroying The Infected Equipment

/ 4 years ago


You’d think the American government departments, with all their funding and extra-legal powers, would know how to effectively deal with a malware infection. Well apparently not. According to a report by the US Department of Commerce’s inspector general the Economic Department administration “dealt” with a malware infection by destroying the apparently infected equipment.

In December 2011 the US Computer Emergency Response Team (US-CERT) notified the Department of Commerce Computer Incident Response Team (DOC CIRT) that a potential malware infection was detected on their systems. The Department of Commerce’s cybersecurity contractors were called in to investigate and after a 2 week investigation claimed to have found nothing significant, with the majority of malware being false-positives. Yet the Department of Commerce proceeded with a total destruction of all electrical equipment destroying a staggering $170,000 worth of equipment including mice, keyboards, desktop PCs, TVs, cameras, printers and more.

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What’s even more ludicrous is that they planned on destroying over $3 million worth of other equipment, but stopped as funds were running low. Naturally the costs incurred are for both the destroyed equipment and the cost of replacing that equipment. The inspector general of the investigation said the destruction of equipment was clearly unnecessary and led to the Department of Commerce spending half their 2012 fiscal year budget on the operation.

Image courtesy of the U.S Department of Commerce

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7 Responses to “A US Department “Handles” Malware Infection By Destroying The Infected Equipment”
  1. S4nOx says:

    Im speechless….stupidty is too damn high

  2. Timothy Roderick says:

    The people responsible for the destruction of property should be working for free the next few years to pay this one off. Sadly it will instead come out of the tax payers wallets.

  3. a;l says:

    Taxpayers money at work.

  4. Wayne says:

    Yeah I read they broke keyboards & mice as well. The idiots. Don’t they realise they only have to break the screens because it’s on the screen you’ll notice the problems. xD

  5. Martin B says:

    The sheer level of stupidity is incalculable. MICE, KEYBOARDS!!!, PRINTERS!!!, what else did they destroy mouse mats or where they using paper because their budget was already in the red.

  6. N2K12 says:

    Amercians. Just..stupid. Easier to throw it in the bin. Then charge the shit out of people in ‘taxes’ to replace all that equipment.

  7. Paul Robinson says:

    An over the top solution to simple problem.

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