ADATA Introduces INFAREX M10 Mouse and R10 Mousepad

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ADATA Introduces INFAREX M10 Mouse and R10 Mousepad

ADATA is showing off two new gaming devices ahead of their CES 2018 showcase. Introducing the INFAREX M10 gaming mouse and INFAREX R10 mousepad, the storage and memory company continues the expansion of their XPG gaming line.


The surface measures 350 x 250 x 3.6mm and weighs 800 grams. Unlike other mousepads, the INFAREX R10 has RGB LED lighting surrounding it. Although the surface itself is made of scratch-resistant PVC material. So it is very durable an remains flat without curling like a cloth pad. It is designed for speed rather than control, so the mouse can glide effortlessly across. It connects to the system via a USB cable and users can choose between setting individual colors (there are seven preset colors to choose from), cycling colors or rainbow breathing mode.

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ADATA Introduces INFAREX M10 Mouse and R10 Mousepad


The INFAREX M10 also has RGB LED capabilities and is a perfect combination with the R10 mousepad. The body is a Razer Deathadder style design with an on-the-fly DPI button. Users can change the optical sensor’s setting all the way up to 3200 DPI depending on their needs. Other DPI preset options include 800, 1600 and 2400 DPI. There are also sizeable side buttons which are easily accessible for gaming. The mouse measures 120 x 68 x 35mm and weighs 145 gram with the cable. This makes it heavier than most mice.

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