ADATA Launches Wireless CE700 Inductive Charging Stand For Smartphones

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ADATA Technology are well known for their high-performance memory products, ranging from DRAM modules to NAND flash. As a little change of pace, ADATA are entering the world of mobile device charging, which comes as little surprise to us given that every company from here to the Moon is entering the mobile market with at least one product. The ADATA Elite Series CE700 is a wireless charging stand, and so long as you have a mobile device that is compatible with inductive charging technology you can quickly eliminate any need for extra cables and bulky transformers. Simply placing your phone onto the charging pad, which also double as an adjustable phone stand, and power will be automatically and wirelessly transferred to the device.

Housed in an elegant folding stand with a stylish aluminium back cover, the CE700 features a texturized rubber base that prevents the phone from slipping. The flexible design allows for use with a variety of mobile phones that support inductive charging, with wireless charging possible in both flat and upright modes. The unique bracket design allows users to adjust the angle of the charging pad in accordance with individual needs, and the CE700 can also be placed on a table with the phone upright, becoming an easy-to-use phone stand for better phone access and visibility. To minimize wasted electricity, the CE700 will automatically enter power-saving mode when not in use.


The CE700 has been professionally certified to meet the Qi wireless charging standard, ensuring maximum compatibility and safety. FOD (Foreign Object Detection) capability and display protects users and ensures stable operation. Without the need for electrical contact points, the risk of electric shock is eliminated. Furthermore, inductive charging reduces mechanical wear from repeatedly connecting a cell phone to power cables.

  • Wireless inductive charging stand
  • Can charge smartphones laying flat or upright
  • Stylish aluminium back cover
  • Meets Qi wireless charging standard
  • FOD (Foreign Object Detection) feature for safety
  • The product will be available in the coming months
  • MSRP: £31.50
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It doesn’t sound terribly exciting to charge your devices and in many ways, it really isn’t. However, once you have a way of quickly docking your phone  without the need for a cable, and having it charged with ease, you’ll never look back.

Thank you ADATA for providing us with this information.

Images courtesy of ADATA.

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