ADATA Showoff Worlds First DDR4 OC Module at Computex 2014

/ 4 years ago


One of the buzz words that is floating around this years Computex is to do with memory. We have known for some time now that DDR4, the successor to the current DDR3 standard, has been in development, however until now DDR4 has not really been anything more than a photo or words on a page. This year we find a few big names showing off their DDR4 memory kits, ADATA included.

Set up in one corner of the ADATA suit we find a demo setup featuring an unknown motherboard, presumably running an engineering sample X99 chipset and what appears to be a working set of DDR4 modules. Over the DDR3 standard, ADATA’s DDR4 modules are already set to come in a wide variety of capacities and speeds, starting at 2133MHz and rising up to 3200MHz. What’s more, a sign beside the display put a strong emphasis on the fact that these XPG modules are built for overclocking. Obviously we don’t know how far these kits are going to go when pushed to the limits, but rest assured, the performance difference between DDR3 and DDR4 is going to very notable.

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Pricing and a release date is very much an unknown entity. With the current desktop chipset Z97 only supporting DDR3, we are looking at X99 as a potential time for consumer availability whilst the server platform will be seeing support much sooner.

To further show how ready ADATA are for the DDR4 server market, a number of modules including a very-low-profile (VLP) with 4 or 8GB capacities – aimed more for the blade server market, a 16GB module running at 2133MHz and most interestingly a single module with a capacity of 32GB. Whatever way DDR4 is going to be fundamental to the next generation of desktop and enterprise computing and as we draw closer to its release we will go deeper into what it has to offer.

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