Adata to introduce value 30GB SSD

/ 6 years ago

Adata is reportedly developing an SSD drive which will truly target the low price segment of the market.  They have been developing a S396 30GB solid state drive which can give impressive read and write speeds of 280mb/s and 250mb/s respectively off of the SATA II interface. There is also up to 44,000 IOPS 4K random write performance which is impressive given the size. Other than that it uses a standard SSD 2.5″ form factor and design . Adata didn’t specify a price but we can safely assume it will be in the region of £40-50  given the fact it is only 30GB in size and using the old SATA II interface.

Should Adata deliver on the performance they have stated and deliver it within a reasonable price bracket as already specified then this SSD is likely to be a huge success; perfect for users who want to get a quick booting operating system or use this drive for Intel Smart Response technology.

Source: PCLaunches

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