Adata’s latest USB 3.0 product line breaks through previous performances

/ 6 years ago

The memory manufacturer Adata has launched a new range of USB 3.0 products redfining USB flash drives performances with the SuperSpeed USB 3.0 connectivity.

Looking to please anyone’s requirements in data storage as well as satisfying their costumers and the speed hungry ones, Adata has just launched this new product line of USB 3.0 flash drives not only to satisfy the data storage needs, but to satisfy in term of speeds.

The three of them are all in a different class, but they all have a point in common: the N005 Pro is the best friend of those looking for professional performance, the S102 Pro is on the fine line between professional and performance/value while the C103 is right in the sweet spot of performance and value for an entry choice.

Even though they may sound to decrease in terms of quality, don’t worry. Other than their specific design, the style is exquisite,  lightweight, small yet still big enough not to lose accidentally, they all feature fast speeds, which along the capacity, is the only thing you’ll see that are affected in their class.

The N005 Pro is the big brother, with capacities ranging from 8 to 64 GB, the speeds are of an incredible feat of up to 180MB/s in sequential reading and 90MB/s in sequential writing.

The S102 Pro is just a small step under, capacities between 8 and 32 GB, the speeds are still well over the USB 3.0’s worthiness with up to 100MB/s in sequential read and 50MB/s in sequential write.

While being an entry choice, the C103 is the perfect one, with capacities ranging from 8 to 16GB, the speeds won’t let down much, with up to 90MB/s sequential read and up to 10MB/s sequential write.

Moreover, they not only come with a lifetime warranty, but Adata offers it’s costumers access to high-quality programs for free, such as Norton Internet Security 2012 (60 day trial), UFDtoGO and a lot more.

For more information, please refer to the official product’s page.


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