Adblock Plus is Coming to Your Android Device!

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With huge success in the Chrome market, the hugely popular AdBlock Plus team are taking their talents and using them to bring us an automatic ad blocking phone browser that they say will “block annoying ads automatically, saving users battery speed, keeping them safe and handing them control while they’re on the go.”

At the moment, the mobile browser is not available to download publicly through the app store, however, there is a Google+ page that, if joined, show you how to gain access to the beta build of the upcoming mobile browser. Joining the beta build allows you directly give feedback with the Adblock Plus team and will also ensure that your are the first to get any updates that are released. With the chrome extension being downloaded well over 10 million times, the app could end up taking the mobile browser market by storm, especially considering that it is currently the only one available that promises consistent ad blocking capabilities and performance increases.

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But the browser doesn’t just strip you of control over what ads you can and cannot see, giving you the ability to filter the type of ads you  are happy viewing, but still keeping intrusive or potentially dangerous ads blocked from view to ensure that your Android device stays as safe as possible.

With no final release date announced for the Android browser, I’d highly recommend you sign up for the beta to get yourself in before anyone else.

Thank you BGR for providing us with this information.

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  1. Etienne Boutet boucher says:

    It’s not the only one available who promise that.

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