This Advanced Robot Arm Follows Your Movement Without Coding

/ 2 years ago

7Bot robot

Even though it can’t be controlled using the power of your mind, this smart robotic arm can actually mimic your hand gestures without requiring any sort of coding. Dubbed 7Bot, the advanced robot has its own Kickstarter campaign that raised far more money than it originally asked for, and the best part is that it actually costs no more than $350. The user can guide the robot using a Leap Motion sensor or a Kinect controller, and the possible applications are quite impressive, including picking up simple objects and dropping them, calligraphy or painting. The even better news is that 7Bot can also be controlled remotely via its 3D visualization app, which can be installed on any regular computer.

Moreover, those of you who want to make things a bit more complicated can always use the C and C++ open source APIs that are provided by the robot’s creators. Even though the standard version of 7Bot costs $350, the team behind its creation also offers two more advanced models, one of which includes its own 3D printer while the other has two arms instead of one. The Kickstarter campaign for this smart bot was originally set to raise $50,000, but it managed to gather no less than $206,000 so far, and it still has 16 more days to go at the time of writing. Those who backed the project should be able to receive their rewards in January 2016. Have a look at the following videos if you want to see 7Bot in action.

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