AFOX introduce single slot HD 7850

/ 5 years ago

It’s been a very long time coming, but the single slot HD 7850 from AFOX – first pictured back at CeBIT 2012 – is finally arriving in the UK. As expected AFOX aren’t trying anything fancy with the GPU on this card, it is just a stock HD 7850 GPU. That is 860MHz on the GPU core, 64 texture units, a 256bit memory interface, 2GBs of VRAM, PCI express generation 3 support and 1024 Radeon cores.

The single slot design in itself is the unique selling point. Allowing enthusiasts to fit HD 6950/ GTX 560Ti equivalent performance discrete graphics into a single slot, this card is ideal for small form factor systems such as HTPCs or mini-ITX gaming system builds.

The card isn’t overwhelming long either, it takes about the same length as the stock HD 7850 except without the stock thickness. Based on early testing the HD 7850 looks like a brilliant card. Offering power consumption of around 135W at maximum load, 15W while idle as well as maximum load temperatures of just 71 degrees at full load – impressive figures for the single slot cooling design.

Noise levels perhaps represent the limitation of this new card, with such a small cooling design the fan has to work harder than usual which culminates in around 46 dBA whilst gaming and 32dBA whilst idle at desktop.

We expect to have one of these cards in for review soon so stick around for that.


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