Alienware To Ship Laptops With Mobile 6970

/ 7 years ago

Generally speaking, the laptop world lags behind the desktop one by one generation, and at about double the cost, due to the size and power constraints presented by the form factor. It makes a welcome change when new parts arrive promptly, thus closing the gap between desktop and laptop performance – Now, if they could just sort out the pricing gap…

According to Notebookitalia, the Alienware M17x R3, currently stated to recieve a nVidia GTX 460m, will be available with the Mobility Radeon 6970, as well as the 6870. It is also supposed to recieve MxM compatibility, potentially allowing for aftermarket GPU upgrades.
If this all proves to be true, we could right now belooking at 2011’s killer gaming laptop.

Mobile variants of AMD graphics cards have traditionally been 1 series behind their desktop variants: the Mobility 6970 would be expected to perform at a similar level to the desktop 6870, and the Mobility 6870 at the level of a 6770 (equal to a desktop 5770).

The M17x R3 is also expected to ship with a 3.2 Megapixel webcam, SiBeam wireless HD transmission technology, an optional 3D screen and a massive 90Whr battery, though how well this will fare with the collosal demands of portable DX11 gaming it still to be seen.

A consortium of experts (Aruffel and I) estimate the price to be in the £2500-£3000 range, but we can only but wait to see what pricetag Alienware put on this powerhouse of laptops

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One Response to “Alienware To Ship Laptops With Mobile 6970”
  1. tilica says:

    WOW! Now that`s a lot of money. I don`t say i wouldn`t like it for me, but not for that amount of cash…:eek: A perfect notebook i would say.

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