Amazing Deal At Scan: MSI GTX 670 2GB Overclocked Graphics Card

/ 4 years ago


Scan have not long recently received stock of the MSI GTX 670 Overclocked graphics card. They are now officially in stock and have shipped over 120 units just today. The 2GB MSI GTX 670 Overclocked Graphics Card really is an amazing deal and is truly cheap as chips at just £179.60 inclusive of free next day delivery.

To sweeten the deal up even more, you’ll find an added bonus of a free Splinter Cell Blacklist game too

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The battle continues with the epic price wars seen by major retailers over the past weeks, and this is by far the best price for a GTX 670 2GB graphics card in the UK

Be sure not to miss out and order yours here.

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One Response to “Amazing Deal At Scan: MSI GTX 670 2GB Overclocked Graphics Card”
  1. Wayne says:

    That is a sweet price and is still a very capable card even by today’s standards. Not many (if any) games it can’t play at 1080p fully maxed at butter smooth frame rates.

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