Amazon Expected to Release New Fire Phone in 2016

/ 3 years ago


Even thought the first Fire Phone was pretty much a failure, Amazon is continuing on with its smartphone plans, with rumours that the company is setting up plans to launch the next generation Fire Phone.

One of the best parts of Amazon’s handset was the 3D display, but even that didn’t have enough ‘wow’ to pull in consumers from the likes of Samsung and Apple. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is still very enthusiastic about the future of Fire Phone, where during a recent interview Bezos said that the company is continuing to work on new Fire Phone models.

We should expect to hear much more about the second generation Fire Phone as we slide into 2015.

Source: Chiphell.



One Response to “Amazon Expected to Release New Fire Phone in 2016”
  1. Wayne says:

    The lack of decent wireless carriers, extravagant price for unremarkable hardware and forked Android OS were it’s nemesis and if the next generation follows the same path it won’t be such a “hot” commodity as well.

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