Amazon Officially Unveils Echo Show Touchscreen-Enabled Device

/ 8 months ago

Amazon Echo Show

Amazon has officially announced the Echo Show touchscreen-enabled device. Images of this new echo leaked last week so this news may not come as a surprise to some. What is surprising, however, is the affordable price of $229.99 for a touchscreen device.

The regular Amazon Echo had an introductory price of $179 and accepted voice commands. The new Amazon Echo Show, on the other hand, has a 7-inch touchscreen display. This is in addition to the 5-megapixel camera and microphone that accepts Alexa voice commands.

Reach Out and Touch Someone

The video capability lets users talk and interact with other Echo Show owners. Users can also take and receive phone or video calls with anyone else who has the Alexa app. Skype support is currently non-existent, however.

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Aside from using it as a communication tool, the device can also link up to other Wi-Fi enabled cameras. This allows users to cycle through several home security cameras for example just by issuing a voice command.

Amazon Echo Show Introductory Video

Amazon is currently taking pre-orders and will be shipping the device out on June 28. It will be available initially in the US, while deployment worldwide will be announced at a later date. Amazon is also currently offering a promotion of $360 for a pair, taking $100 off the price.

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