Amazon Could Be Planning Their Own Ad-Service

/ 3 years ago


Amazon could be planning their own Ad-Service to replace their current usage of Google’s AdWords. Already having millions of customers shopping and window-browsing habits already stored in their database make this sound like a reasonable move.

Amazon is known as a sleeping giant in the ad industry because it has rich consumer data but has been tentative about using it for a lot of advertising.

It’s said that Amazon’s system would resemble Google’s AdWords, but it is planned to make it easier for marketers to reach the company’s users. There is a second tool in work to help advertising agencies to buy ads in bulk and then resell them to their own thousands of advertisers.

The company already has a minor advertising service they use on their own site, but this planned move, if true, could be a real game changer in the online advertising market dominated by Google.

Thank you Reuters for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Amazon.

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