Amazon reveal 4 new devices in the Kindle range

/ 6 years ago

Amazon have gone all out with the news of their new range of Kindle Devices with the news of three new models of e-reader two of which are touch-screen and their new Android based Kindle Fire tablet.

The new e-readers have done away with keyboards, the cheapest model is priced at £89 ($79 in the US), it is 30% lighter at just 6 ounces and has an 18% reduction on its body size (166 mm x 114 mm x 8.7 mm) apparently able to fit in you pocket and still has a 6 inch screen, and 2GB internal memory.

There are also two versions of the new Kindle Touch, in the same vein of previous models you have the option Wi-Fi only or Wi-Fi/3G, priced at $99 and $149 respectively, the touch-screens are multi-touch with improved E-ink, the dimensions are 172 mm x 120 mm x 10.1 mm and weighs in at 7.5 ounces (213 grams), a single charge can last up to 2 months and also comes with 4GB internal memory.


And finally we come to the Kindle Fire Tablet built around the Android operating system, the US have the device price at $199 but it remains to be seen how that translates to rip-off Britain, the device features a 7 inch multi-touch with 1024 x 600 pixel resolution,it comes with a dual core processor and 8GB memory, the device feature a whole new browser experience with Amazon Silk (video introduction below).

The Kindle Fire and Kindle Touch models are available in the US 15th of November and 21st of November


  • nom nom nom!

    I live my Kindle, wish I could get mine switched for the Kindle Touch 😀
    Amazing job on the Kindle Fire, that's the best touchpad for this price! 😀

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