Amazon Throwing In 50GB Cloud Storage With Some Android Phone Deals

/ 4 years ago


Amazon is offering Cloud Drive storage space for selected Android smartphone deals. Specifically, it is offering 50GB of free Cloud Drive. We have seen similar freebies out there, and now it seems Amazon decided to do the same with its offers.

At present the Amazon site is showing 106 smartphones as being included in the offer. The handsets include everything from the Moto X to the LG G2 and even quite a few from Samsung. Perhaps a bit more important for those loyal to a particular carrier, the offer includes handsets from Verizon Wireless, Sprint and AT&T.

Also, the offer is limited to the first 50,000 customers or until the end of the year, meaning whoever comes first until 11:59PM PST December 31, 2013. Those making the purchase will receive their free storage within 10 days time. Another restriction from Amazon places eligibility only to US customers it seems.

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There is some good news in all of this, having the offer be combined with an existing 5GB free account, which means you could end up with 55GB of total Amazon cloud storage space. The other bit worth considering here, this offer will only give you free storage for one year. After the given time has passed, you can either drop the storage space or continue with it for a monthly fee.

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One Response to “Amazon Throwing In 50GB Cloud Storage With Some Android Phone Deals”
  1. Skidmarks says:

    That’s a load of garbage. If they give me 50GB of free storage for buying something from them I wouldn’t want to loose or pay extra for it after a year, I’d expect to keep it for a lifetime. I don’t qualify for this deal but if I did and fell for this ruse it would leave a sour taste in my mouth. Indian givers, they can go to hell. 🙁

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