Amazon to get involved with 3D Mapping – Acquire UpNext

/ 5 years ago

Amazon is a constantly changing company, its latest business move sees it moving into the world of 3D Mapping. Amazon have just acquired the four man company UpNext, a small business that specialise in 3D Mapping and currently produce a free iPhone App.

Neither Amazon or UpNext have disclosed any details publicly about the deal just yet but you would probably be safe in assuming that Amazon have acquired this company with a view to providing the Amazon Kindle Fire tablets with 3D Mapping. Currently none of Amazon’s range of Kindle’s support GPS technology so it seems certain that the current Kindle’s will not be able to make use of this technology. However, Amazon is already designing the next generation of Kindle Fire tablets which probably will come with GPS support.

Amazon could choose to integrate this technology into its wide range of iOS and Android based Apps, or create a special standalone App for 3D Mapping. It also remains unclear as to what the fate of UpNext’s current 3D Mapping App is, it seems possible that with Amazon’s deep pockets it will probably get redesigned and some rebranding to put Amazon’s mark on things.

For those of you excited for the new Kindle Fire, rumours have it that it will come out before 2012 is over. Let us know what you think of Amazon’s new acquisition!


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