Amazon Wants to Enlist You to Deliver Parcels for a Small Pay

/ 3 years ago

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Amazon is always on the lookout for new methods to get the parcels they send to the customers the fastest possible way. We’ve seen all the news of their drone delivery systems that currently are being tested, but that is not enough for the e-commerce giant.

Amazon wants you! They want you to deliver the parcels for them. Their plan, turn the entire USA into a nation of couriers. Okay, that’s not entirely accurate, but it is not wrong either. Amazon is developing a mobile app that would allow ordinary people rather than carriers such as UPS to drop off packages en route to other destinations, and let them earn a little money by doing so.

So far this is just an idea, and whether it will become an actual product is yet to be seen. So far it goes by the name “On My Way” internally and the idea on itself is great. You’re on your way home to whatever apartment complex you live in. You launch the app and check if parcels from the nearest depot have to go the same place – and you bring them along. You are going that way anyway, right?

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Shipping costs is a growing problem for the shopping giant and last year it grew by 31%. That is faster than the revenue grew during the same period. So it doesn’t come as any surprise that they’re looking for ways to keep those costs in line with the revenue.

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One Response to “Amazon Wants to Enlist You to Deliver Parcels for a Small Pay”
  1. Dmitry Bogolyubtsev says:

    I think the idea is 100% worth it, but there are some serious morality issues to think about..

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