Amazon Wins Golden Globe for ‘Transparent’

/ 3 years ago


That headline is not something you would have seen just a few years ago. Amazon has won the Golden Globe for best TV comedy or musical for its Amazon Prime series ‘Transparent’.

The win is being seen as a significant development in the short history of ‘new media’ TV shows. Shows like ‘Breaking Bad’ have brought internet TV into the spotlight, but for ‘Transparent’ however – Amazon produced the show in-house, with CEO Jeff Bezos at the ceremony to pick up the award.

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So is this a sign of things to come? An affirmation of ‘new media’? Only time will tell, but it may well already incite just a little fear into the ‘old media’ production companies.

Source: The Verge

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One Response to “Amazon Wins Golden Globe for ‘Transparent’”
  1. Predreus says:

    Since when did Netflix become the distributor of Breaking Bad?

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