AMD 300 Series Release Date Pushed Back

/ 3 years ago

AMD Radeon Rain

We’ve caught wind of some very interesting news today, that the new AMD 300 series has now been pushed back to the start of June! While many expected the cards to launch much sooner, even as soon as this month, that is no longer the case.

An industry source, who we cannot name, has disclosed that AMD will now launch the cards in June, around the time of the Computex trade show, where we expect to get our first hands-on look at the new flagship cards. No doubt AMD will make a public statement in the very near future to reflect this.

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It also seems that this applies to all AMD 300 series cards, including the XFX cards which we earlier stated would be launched this month, although it’s unclear at this time why AMD has made this decision.

We’ll update you on this as the story develops.



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2 Responses to “AMD 300 Series Release Date Pushed Back”
  1. Lekz says:

    How is there a delay when they haven’t even been announced nor a release date has been made official?

  2. mr2k9 says:

    Release it already… i want better AMD card…

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