AMD adjust CPU and APU prices

/ 6 years ago

After the latest wave of Opteron and Bulldozer releases AMD has found it appropriate so adjust some CPU prices of Llano APU parts and an FX processor. Ahead of the disappointing performance of the Bulldozer the price of the FX-6100 has been reduced by $10 in order to make it more price competitive. In addition to this the price of the Llano triple core has also been reduced as this seems to be the current Llano part with the lowest demand. While the dual cores have been in high demand so prices have been raised slighty but only by about 3% a piece. AMD has also introduced a new model as well with availability of the AMD Athlon II X4 651 processor which is a quad core Llano part coming it at just $92, essentially it is an APU without the integrated radeon class graphics and binned 400MHz higher than an Athlon II X4 631.

Source: CPU World


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