AMD Announces Large Price Drop on Radeon R9 Nano

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When AMD launched the Radeon R9 Nano mini-ITX graphics card back in September 2015, the card gained a lot of popularity for several reasons. It was one of the smallest graphics cards available and at the same time delivers a punch that is similar to other high-end cards. The performance is thanks to the HBM memory and Fiji GPU while the small size was made possible by the use of optimal clocking of both the GPU and memory for both power consumption and heat. However, the card did have one fault and that was the price. At a price of $649, the AMD R9 Nano was a hard pill to swallow.

It is now January 2016 and it looks like AMD wants a larger cut of the GPU market. Maybe the manufacturing process has caught up and has been refined for cheaper productions costs, or something else. We don’t know why, but that doesn’t matter anyway as long as the result comes in. And it does and AMD announced a price cut from $649 and all the way down to $499. The $150 price cut equals about 23 percent which is quite nice.

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There is no doubt that this price cut on the AMD Radeon R9 Nano will convince quite a few people to get this card that previously wanted it but thought it was too expensive. I am sure there will be quite a few more hardcore mITX gaming builds out there this coming time, and most of them will be powered by this little marvel of a graphics card.

After all, the R9 Nano has a peak power draw of 175W and only measures 6-inch while delivering a level of performance that are on par with larger and more power-hungry GPUs. It also blows the GTX 970 Mini-ITX away with up to 30 percent better performance.


Is this enough to convince you to switch to an AMD Radeon R9 Nano graphics card? $499 is still a respectable price and it might not be in everyone’s budget. Oh, and we should naturally consider that these are the manufacturers suggested retail prices. We have previously seen the cards drop in price at various outlets.

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  • Layne Norton

    Still too expensive. And still too much coilwhine.
    Fury X and NANO has some of the worst coilwhine I’ve ever heard.

    • Rory Pfeifer

      Watercool it. Problem solved. For $500 it easily beats everything else in it’s price range.

      • Layne Norton

        Watercooling does not remove coilwhine…

        • Nathanael Freihart

          Are you serious? The 980 is worse in nearly every aspect, trotteling should lead to haevy framedrops, since its a emergancy reaction. But somehow the Nanos min FPS is 14fps higher than the 980, and as far as i can see the Nano beats the 980 in every single game, in 1 of 30 measurements the 980 is faster by sinlge fps, on the other side their is th fury wich minimal fps is higher than 980s average fps in two measurments. id ont see any land for the 980 here.

          btw there was also a 970 in the test, it was a non-itx version, is a oc version, and the Nanos min fps were higher than its max fps in two measuremnts.

          Te temperature of the Nano was lower than these of the 980 also, so witch card is more likely to trottle…

          So wich card is pointless.

          • Layne Norton

            You’re compairing the NANO on an open test bench. Inside a small ITX case, which is the whole point of this card, it will throttle hard.

            How do i know? Because I’ve tried two of them. 3D clocks in demanding games varies from 700-900 MHz.

            You can easily find other users with same experience on

            On top of that, the coilwhine was insane.

          • Nathanael Freihart

            Just that cant find anyone on wouldsuport your statement, theres is nothing in the last 10 pages of the oweners cub that its throttles just that it could, everything else was about how small and fsat it is, neither did someone say something about coil whine Only one in 16 revies mentions throttling, every body else, look how tiny and still so powerfull.

          • Layne Norton

            I’ve tried 3 x Fury X and 2 x NANO myself. All sent back because of massive coilwhine. Search for coilwhine in owners thread, count the matches. It’s a real problem.

            AMD only sent a handful of Fiji based cards out for review. 100% cherry picked, still some review-sites experienced massive coilwhine.

          • Nathanael Freihart

            Searyh the 970 owners thread, thes same, also the 980, also the 980Ti.
            Idont say theat it had no isues at the beggining, but that they seem to be fixed, Nvidia had the same problem and you are wildly exaggerating. Again noen of 16 reviews on their even mentions it. Not a single one.

            I dont believe that you had any Fury, neither a FuryX, a Fury nor a Nano. And when you were so desperately disappointed why would you get 4 other one, its so unlogical.

            Same with Nvidias 970 and gues what, coil whine.

          • Layne Norton

            Uhm… Yeah alot of the reviews mention it.

            “What is extremely annoying, though, is the massive amount of coil noise AMD’s review sample emits—no matter the FPS, you can always hear it chirping.”


            AMDs reference cards are MUCH more prone to coilwhine:

            ALL graphic cards can have coilwhine, thats why you can find Nvidia cards with coilwhine too. But like I said, AMDs reference cards got a much higher chance of coilwhine.

          • Nathanael Freihart

            Thanks for the link.

            It really seems that the referance cards of AMD have more coilwhine (also Furys a not included there). But what seems really strange then is that 11 Videos show Nvidia cards with coil whine vs 1 AMD card if you search coil whine at youtube , first i thought ok maybe google knows that i searched fo that before. But even with VPN and different Browsers it allways shows up like that. The second page is 10 Nvidia cards vs 2 AMD cards, page 3 its 14 Nvidias and 1 AMD. Theres is a clear tendencie for Nvidia cards getting/having noticable Coilwhine. Especially thje 970, the make up more than half of the Nvidia cards with coil whine.

            “Even under load () the Radeon R9 Nano comes with 43.4 dB ( A) very close and well ahead of a GeForce GTX 980 , GTX 980 Ti or Radeon R9 Fury X.” –

            They also think its a quiet card.,935,3236137,4.html#lautstaerke-stromverbrauch-und-temperatur

            IMO we come to the point where we can say that:

            The Nano had severe coil whine, but it seems be fixed now.
            The 970 doesnt has it so bad but the aftermarket coolers seem to have some (?)
            The Nano is faster than the 970 and the 980.
            If really bad cooled the Nano can throttel severly.

          • Layne Norton

            Lmao NANO’s coilwhine is not fixed. 970 was fixed within weeks, and it was AIB board partners fault, not Nvidia’s. And the coilwhine was not crazy, like on Fury X and NANO. AMDs reference boards got massive coilwhine issues in general. Common knowledge. Here’s proof.


          • Nathanael Freihart

            Just strange that there are no recent reviews that mention it.

            Just strange that there is a video of 6 different 970s all with coil whine, and the vidoe is la month old

            This isnt the only vidoe this month that show this, but non of a NANO, a Fury or a Fury X. So wich ine is fixed.

            And The NANO still beats the 980

          • Layne Norton
          • Nathanael Freihart

            Again yes it was like that.

            Again the NANO doesnt seem to have it any more.

            Again the 970 still has it.

            Again. the Nanos till beats the 980 in every way.

            Again happy watching.

          • Layne Norton

            NANO has coilwhine, every single sample has it. It’s a major issue.

            970 does not have it. A few cards does yes, all cards can have coilwhine.


            970s in gaming: NO COILWHINE
            AMDs POS cards in gaming: EXTREME COILWHINE

            “We actually started logging coil whine in cards due to our experience with the HD 7990, a card that squealed like a pig in heat.”

            TRUTH HURTS? xD AMD is cheap for a reason.

            A custom 980 easily beat NANO in most games. Custom 980 is 15% faster than reference and NANO is on par with a 980 reference;


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