AMD Are NOT Splitting up Their Business or are They?

/ 3 years ago

You may remember a story that we published yesterday commenting on the fact that AMD could be splitting its business in two or dividing up the server division of the company and while this attracted a lot of talk from within the industry and with end users alike, an AMD spokesperson has denied the rumour although the exact wording still leaves things a bit sketchy in our minds.

The following has been sent to eTeknix to confirm:

AMD Spokesperson Sarah Youngbauer: AMD provided official confirmation that we have not hired an outside agency to explore spinning-off/splitting the company. We remain committed to the long-term strategy we laid out for the company in May at our Financial Analyst Day, which encompasses all parts of the business.

While most would consider the matter now closed, I do have to analyse the point mentioned about an outside agency. This is a bit hazy in its own right, as all AMD have done here is confirmed that an outside agency has not been hired to explore options, but this says nothing about doing anything more internal within the company itself.

Who knows what the future may hold for AMD, but with a lot of negative press regarding AMD as of late in regards to the 300 series re-branded products and the way their PR has dealt with the upcoming Fury graphics card launch, anything is possible for AMD while they are still in these uncertain times.

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3 Responses to “AMD Are NOT Splitting up Their Business or are They?”
  1. 12John34 says:

    Oh, come on. And if they where sending you a second reply “We just saw your article and we would like to add that no internal talks took place on the matter”, what would have been your response? That they hane not provided a written and signed memo from Lisa Su that she is not considering it even when she is alone at home? Come on. :p

  2. Trenter says:

    The rumor was that they hired an outside company to assess the risk/reward of splitting their business, so they are specifically denying that rumor to make it clear. Of course that isn’t clear enough for you so you continue to speculate.

  3. babbie. says:

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