AMD Believes Tablets Will Be Replaced By Hybrids

/ 5 years ago


Tablet sales may be booming more than ever, but that doesn’t mean companies like AMD aren’t speculating about the future. AMD believe that the Tablet market won’t last in its current format and it’s interesting they should think that given that even Blackberry’s top brass have been saying the same thing in recent weeks.

Andrew Muscat is the AMD UK Retail Business Development Manager and in a recent interview with T3 he said that while tablets are a hot product, they do tend to have their limits, which as anyone who has tried to write a long email or perhaps even do some work on their tablet, will know all too well. It’s possible, but it can get fiddly using the touch screen for heavy work loads.

“You’re going to see a shift I think, while tablets are good you’re still restricted when it comes to content creation, there’s always going to be a need for notebooks. I think it’s moving a lot more towards taking tablet technology and effectively turning it into notebook technology.” said Andrew.

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Effectively I think he is right, but I wouldn’t say the tablet market is dead yet and the switch to Hybrids is basically a fancy way of saying “tablets with detachable keyboards” and I see a lot of promise here. With products from Intel, AMD and Nvidia churning out immense performance hikes in the mobile market year on year, not to mention brands like Qualcomm and TI to name but a few, there are definitely signs that people are shifting not only from Notebooks to tablets, but from standard tablets to hybrids, effectively the sweet spot between the two devices.


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One Response to “AMD Believes Tablets Will Be Replaced By Hybrids”
  1. Wayne says:

    It’s entirely possible. I seldom use my tablet. It doesn’t do anything my phone can’t do.

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