AMD broke the speed record with their FX CPU!

/ 6 years ago

Rather self explanatory, I bet you just want to know what’s going on, well it appears that on August 31, an AMD FX Processor reached a frequency of 8.429GHz, that’s simply amazing!

Obviously, this thing wasn’t on its stock cooler, it was the AMD FX processor overclockers team composed of Sami Maekinen, Brian Mclachlan, Pete Hardman and Aaron Schradin that managed these high speeds on liquid nitrogen, which at the time of testing, cooled the processor to a freezing -180 degrees centigrade, but the record clock speed was achieved on helium which cooled the processor to a few degrees above absolute zero (-273.15 degrees centigrade would be the absolute zero).

Part of a technology grand prix, the event was captured on video:


Prior to the event, tests were made, revealing that the CPU is a clock eating monster and that with more conservative methods, the unlocked multiplier appeared to scale with the cold. AMD also achieved frequencies above 5GHz on air coolers or £100-ish liquid cooling solutions.

The CPU-GPU manufacturing giant therefore broke the Guinness World Record for a modern multi-core processor, which previously stood at 8.309GHz.

As AMD stated, “records are meant to be broken and we [AMD] look forward to seeing the community push the AMD FX CPU even further.”


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