AMD Looks to Capitalise on Nvidia Apathy by Officially Lowering Radeon 6000 MSRPs?

Update – AMD has contacted us to advise that they have not lowered the official MSRP or their Radeon 6000 graphics cards. The below chart was meant to act more as a representation of how GPU prices have dropped, and specifically, where AMD stacks up against Nvidia in terms of price to frame rate.

We would freely concede that while the last two years have certainly represented a horrifically unique period of time in the overall history of consumer graphics cards, it is a categorical fact that even despite the problems seen during this period, the AMD Radeon 6000 series was nowhere near as popular as Nvidia 30XX.

And no, this isn’t just my opinion either. A quick look at the Steam Hardware Survey shows that their ‘best selling’ Radeon 6000 GPU, the 6600 XT, currently resides at 49th place on the ownership list. – Why is this the case? Well, I think it mostly comes down to a combination of performance and brand loyalty. Even I’ll concede that while I have been looking for an upgrade, I hadn’t really been giving AMD’s options much consideration.

Following a report via TechPowerUp, however, this might be set for a substantial change as, after long last, AMD has formally confirmed new lower MSRPs for its entire Radeon 6000 series.

AMD Officially Lowers Radeon 6000 MSRPs

The price cuts vary quite significantly based on the model. Overall, however, AMD has lowered the MSRP of its graphics cards by as much as $250 on some of their higher-tier designs whereas cuts are closer to $50-$100 on the more mid to entry-level offerings. – The key, however, is that AMD is trying to make it abundantly clear here that while offering solid levels of comparative performance to Nvidia’s 30XX graphics cards, their Radeon 6000 series is now, in a direct head-to-head at the check-out, less expensive!

So, with this in mind, will these new lower MSRPs finally give AMD Radeon 6000 some success? Overall, I suspect that it might. While Nvidia’s initial 40XX graphics cards are certainly impressive, they’re also bloody expensive. Not to mention the fact that their 30XX series is still yet to see any meaningful price cuts on the more general consumer-accessible level. Even despite the fact that, no matter how Nvidia might be trying to wrap this up, 30XX is shortly set to be last-gen tech!

An AMD RX 6750XT for $419 is tempting. An Nvidia 3070 at $509 though… Not so much! – With AMD’s RDNA3 around the corner, however, it’s still more than a little hard to know for sure exactly what we should be doing with our money!

What do you think though? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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