AMD Catalyst 14.9.2 Beta Drivers Now Available

/ 3 years ago

AMD Radeon Rain

The latest AMD Beta drivers are here as the company launches their Catalyst 14.9.2 driver update. The new drivers follow last months Catalyst 14.2 WHQL drivers and add a few new features that should tempt you into an early update.

The most important feature for this update comes in the form of Mantle API support for Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth. No doubt many of you are eager to play the game and you’ll be wanting to get the best performance possible from both the game and your AMD hardware. Mantle has proven it’s ability to boost performance in the past, so I’m eager to see how these new drivers perform.

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There are no other major changes, but as usual you can expect a few minor revisions in the background to keep everything running smoothly.

The new drivers can be downloaded from the AMD driver page.

Thank you TechPowerUp for providing us with this information.

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2 Responses to “AMD Catalyst 14.9.2 Beta Drivers Now Available”
  1. ZomBie says:

    I’m a bit confused. why would mantle be handy for this game?
    it’s a turn based game. with very low requirements.
    this is one of the few games playable at 30 fps without noticing it.

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