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AMD Confirms Zen3 Will Skip to Ryzen 5000 Series Naming

With AMD set to formally confirm the launch of their latest Ryzen processors later today, for the last few weeks there have been various and growing rumors suggesting that Team Red was planning on skipping the ‘4000’ branding for this upcoming range and would instead skip it over to ‘Ryzen 5000’.

Well, following a report via Videocardz, with the launch set to go live later today, AMD has confirmed that their new processors will indeed fall under the ‘Ryzen 5000’ branding.

AMD Ryzen 5000

In terms of ‘traditional’ desktop processor releases, logically speaking, the next release in the range should have been the 4000-series. With the new processors set to adopt their brand new ‘Zen3’ architecture, however, it is believed that AMD wants to highlight this by ‘skipping’ a series. Specifically, we imagine, to avoid confusion with the already released Ryzen 4000G APU style processors.

What Can We Expect?

With the launch event set to be live-streamed at 5 pm today (BST), with AMD naming the stream “Where Gaming Begins” the clear conclusion to be drawn is that Team Red is planning on directly taking on one of the last aspects that Intel, technically, still has an advantage in. Namely, single-core gaming performance.

Will they do it? Well, it’s hard to deny that Intel’s most recent processor releases have been more than a little underwhelming as they continue to struggle to effectively respond to AMD. We will, of course, have a much better idea by this afternoon, but we expect big things from Team Red here!

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Mike Sanders

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