AMD Attending Gamescom All But Confirms the Ryzen 7000 Aug 29th Release Date!

It’s been widely speculated since the start of the month that on August 29th, AMD would formally confirm the official launch of their new AM5 socket-based Ryzen 7000 processors. Now, admittedly, this has, so far, been nothing more than a rumour. Albeit, given the number of individual sources, including even MSI, all pointing towards the same date, at this point, all it seems to require is the official rubber stamp from Team Red’s management.

Will it actually happen though? Well, again, although still pending formal confirmation, some fresh news from a new source certainly seems to, once again, be saying very much yes! – Namely, AMD has confirmed that it will officially be attending GAMESCOM!

AMD Attending GAMESCOM Strongly Hints at Ryzen 7000 Launch!

This will represent the first time that AMD has attended GAMESCOM for nearly two years and while this might, in itself, sound significant, it should, of course, be noted that their failure to attend during that period was due to the COVID situation. – What makes their attendance of this event so significant though?

Well, ultimately, it comes down to the dates. GAMESCOM 2022 is set to run from August 24th to August 29th. And there we see, once again, that August 29th date which strongly suggests that AMD may choose to close the event out by officially launching their Ryzen 7000 processors!

Again, it’s still all just a theory, but at this point though if Ryzen 7000 isn’t confirmed by August 30th I’ll eat my metaphorical tech hat!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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