AMD Graphics to Be Licensed by MediaTek

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MediaTek is said to have partnered up with AMD on mobile SoC graphics, as announced at the Mobile World Congress. This looks like a big change for both companies, having AMD to return to the ultra-low power graphics market and MediaTek finally getting faster graphics and more demand in the high-end segment.

ARM Mali or Imaginations Technologies GPUs are currently out there for anyone to use, while Qualcomm comes with its own proprietary Adreno graphics and NVIDIA with its ultra-low power Maxwell GPUs. However, a partnership between AMD and MediaTek will add some pressure on NVIDIA, having to compete with both Qualcomm and MediaTek in the future.

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Both AMD and MediaTek have declined to comment on the upcoming partnership, but sources say that the companies are already working on future chips which will be announced later on. AMD has sold its Imageon graphics back in 2009 to Qualcomm, which stands as the basis of where the Adreno surfaced.

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One Response to “AMD Graphics to Be Licensed by MediaTek”
  1. ET3D says:

    Sounds promising. If AMD has a future GPU tech that’s relevant to mobile it might also work out for low power AMD tablet chips, or just make for lower power GPU’s in general (kind of like NVIDIA’s mobile work paying off in Maxwell).

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