AMD Has No Faith in Its Own Processors

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AMD had everyone excited up to their press conference where they presented us to the new Radeon R7 and R9 300 series as well as the new Fury, Fury X, and Fury Nano graphics cards. The event wasn’t very spectacular in itself, although everyone did get excited once the Fury’s were presented.

In the event was also the presentation of their Project Quantum gaming PC. A system smaller than most consoles, yet packing the power of two Fiji GPUs inside, quite possibly making it the most powerful gaming system built, at least in such a compact form factor.

The funny side of things comes when we look at the hardware specs on the system. We know that the graphics card is a dual-GPU Fury card, but the processor is an Intel i7 CPU. It seems that AMD doesn’t have enough faith in their own processor power to put them into a system like this. Either they’re not powerful enough and will bottleneck the huge amount of GPU power or they’ll run too hot for a compact system like this.

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amd quantum capture

What the reason is, we don’t know. But it clearly shows that AMD needs to step up their game in the processor department too, because not using AMD hardware in an AMD designed and built system is pretty funny.

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9 Responses to “AMD Has No Faith in Its Own Processors”
  1. 12John34 says:

    Click bait title hoping to start a small flame war.

    • thaghost says:

      Honestly, This is exactly what this entire article is..
      I really hope the writer of this article isn’t too dumb to see what AMD is trying to accomplish here, And if they are.. Then these guys really need some educated writers..

      AMD is trying to make the most powerful small form-factor gaming PC period, To make something that can be considered the “most powerful” you’re clearly going to use the most powerful hardware available, Regardless if you made it or not.. Everyone does it, Even iPhones are full of Samsung chips.

  2. OO0 says:

    Stupid article. No-one expected them to use an FX. Doubt Quantum actually launches before Zen is available anyway – at which point they’ll obviously default to AMD CPUs.

  3. Kishin Ro says:

    But AMD might have tried to appeal that their GPU is compatible with even the rival’s CPU.

  4. Adrian Silvia-Flosi says:

    It makes perfect sense. Zen wont be out by release. If you are going to market a the “Fastest PC in the World” you will need to have something that is going to show high numbers in synthetic benchmarks. Unfortunately this is the standard now. It is well known that an Intel CPU is favored in nearly all synthetic benchmarks, sometimes by thousands of points. So if you are going to market something that makes that big of a claim you have to do everything you can to make the biggest numbers.

  5. KingXRay says:

    looks like AMD finally know how to put 2 xbone together into a sandvig

  6. arttronics says:

    It’s not all that uncommon for one company to have products from another company. It’s been like that forever.

    I suppose the saying, “Keep your friends close but your enemy closer.” applies here very well. LOL

  7. Bansaku says:

    It’s not about CPU power, it’s about heat. Worst case scenario an AMD CPU will lose out by 2-3fps to Intel. Heat on the the other hand, is AMD’s Achilles heal!

  8. koneko says:

    dude, apple uses samsung chips and Nvidia will use amd HBM so why amd can’t use intel cpu?

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