AMD Hints At Upcoming CPU/APU Release With “Core Is Back” Teaser Video

/ 3 years ago


Quite a few days ago AMD posted up a teaser video bearing the slogan “Core is Back”. In the past AMD have used such a slogan before the launch of a new CPU or APU product. Of course we’ve already seen AMD re-launch its FX-9590 as a retail CPU with a water cooling kit so what else could it be on the APU/CPU front? We’ve heard some murmurings that it might be some updated AMD APUs based on the Kaveri design, but it seems strange to hype up APUs so much and call them Core Evolution when they are not an evolution of current-gen Kaveri products. The other, albeit slim, possibility is a new FX series chip: could this be the Steamroller based 8 core FX chip consumers have been waiting for? Probably not, I’ll hedge my bets based on AMD’s past behaviour and say its a new APU product. The fact that AMD display an A-Series logo at the end would also point towards it being a new APU product. What APU product could it be? Given the enthusiast focus of it maybe AMD are releasing something that beats the A10-7850K Kaveri flagship, we’ll just have to wait and see. Have a watch for yourself and tell us what you think it is!

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Source: AMD Facebook

Image courtesy of AMD

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  • Cody Kenneally

    it’s an APU, not sure specifically but the end has a tag that says AMD A Series, which is their APU side.