AMD Jaguar-Based “Beema” and “Mulllins” HSA-Enhanced APUs Due In 2014

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AMD’s Jaguar APU architecture is going to power the next generation of games consoles, the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. The Jaguar platform powers a wide variety of devices and in 2014 we can expect to see an updated set of Jaguar platform APUs according to WCCFTech. Beema is the first of those and this will arrive as a successor to the low power Kabini APU. It is designed from a 28nm transistor architecture and uses GCN version 2.0 graphics cores as well as featuring HSA enhancements such as cross sharing of pooled system memory. As expected there will also be improved performance and power efficiency over the current Kabini APUs.

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Additionally we will also see a replacement for the other Jaguar APU “Temash”, which is the ultra low power design. This is replaced by Mullins and features the same HSA enhancements, 28nm architecture and GCN 2.0 cores. Mullins APUs will feature a System On Chip (SoC) design like their Temash predecessors.

We should expect more details on these two new APU platforms from mid August as indicated by AMD’s training program website.

Image courtesy of AMD

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