AMD making HD 7000 price cuts again

/ 5 years ago

AMD is always at the forefront of cutting prices to stay one step ahead of Nvidia, thus nearly always offering consumers better value for money. The latest round of price cutting only affects a few cards. The HD 7970 and HD 7970 GHz Edition remain unchanged as they had their prices cut not that long ago.

First on the “chopping block” is AMD’s HD 7950. This has now been upgraded and renamed to the HD 7950, in addition that its price is slashed from $349 to $319 making it a much more attractive option in the face of the newly released GTX 660 Ti from Nvidia.

Next up is the HD 7870, AMD’s 3rd fastest card (or 4th if you count the HD 7970 GHz Edition as a new card) which falls a healthy $50 from $299 to $249 as it awaits the release of more mid range Nvidia cards like the GTX 660. Finally the HD 7850s get a small price cut to falling to $209 (2GB version) and $189 (1GB version).

A good move by AMD, who can argue with a price cut? If only AMD’s price cutting tactics had the same effect on the competition in the CPU market.


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