AMD Phenom II X2 555 Black Edition AM3 Processor Review

/ 6 years ago


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As i type away on my quad core processor with its eight threads i can somewhat feel that a bit of light word processing isn’t really pushing its power to the max. Obviously when i need its four cores for some video rendering or photo work, it’s ready and waiting. Not everyone needs that amount of computing power though, and it would simply be money wasted.

This is why AMD have continued to keep focus on dual core processors, but have still been squeezing higher clock speeds out and coming up with the the AMD Phenom II X2 555 dual core 3.2GHz AM3 processor that we’re looking at today. Also, did we mention it’s part of the Black Edition range?

What the Phenom II X2 Black Edition is all about:

AMD Phenom II X2 Black Edition processor combines value and unlocked potential for gamers and tuners on a budget. Users can now experience the power of AMD platform technology, codenamed “Dragon” with dual-core configurations. AMD Black Edition processors help users to take control and unleash the maximum potential of Dragon platform technology’s unprecedented performance tuning capabilities. With dual-core processors, AMD provides platform level solutions at multiple price points, each of which exceeds expectations for virtually any user.

AMD Phenom II is for high definition entertainment, gaming, creativity, and beyond. With AMD Phenom II processors as the foundation, you’ll enjoy a new level of responsiveness and visual intensity. AMD puts high definition computing within everyone’s reach. Superior technologies for HD video. Enjoy a superior high definition experience for HD videos on you PC. AMD Phenom II processor are the powerful engine behind your fidelity, high definition video entertainment experience. Only AMD puts the Ultimate Visual Experience for HD video within your reach. Enjoy entertainment beyond your media library. Get HD content online, offline, wherever you want it, however you want it. Your system can handle whatever you dish out – and serve it up on screen in full, high definition glory. Perfect chemistry. Combine AMD Phenom II processors and ATI Radeon HD graphics to really see the difference. Enjoy smooth video, brilliant videos and immersive games. AMD unleashes visual clarity and responsiveness for what you want to do.

AMD Phenom II processors have the power to do it all. Featuring next-generation quad-core design, they crush even the most demanding tasks. So design it, render it, play it, create it, stream it, HD it. With AMD Phenom II processors, if you can imagine it, you can do it.

AMD Phenom II processors were designed with energy efficiency in mind. Capitalizing on AMD’s leadership in energy efficiency, they incorporate all of the latest technology that gives you performance when you need it and save power when you don’t. Look for ENERGY STAR with AMD. Thanks to AMD’s power-saving innovations, you can count on machines based on AMD Phenom II processors for the energy efficiency you want and the performance you need.


  • Dual-core Technology
  • 3.20Ghz clock speed (AM3 Socket)
  • Multiplier unlocked
  • 7.0MB L2+L3 Cache
  • Cool & Quiet Technology for Energy Efficiency
  • Enhanced Virus Protection
  • 64-bit Technology
  • Hyper Transport Technology
  • Virtualization technology
  • Unlocked Multiplier
  • 3yr Warranty
  • Retail Boxed with Heatsink & Fan


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7 Responses to “AMD Phenom II X2 555 Black Edition AM3 Processor Review”
  1. ASadhra says:

    Nice review Andy, but some of your 'I's' are in lower case! 😛

  2. aruffell says:

    Grammar Nazi :p

  3. Bonkai says:

    getting this one this week, nice review

  4. enayet says:

    Got the 1100T Woop 😀

  5. aruffell says:

    Bonkai;16702 wrote: getting this one this week, nice review

    Thanks 😀

    enayet;16722 wrote: Got the 1100T Woop 😀

    Got one of those in our AMD test rig, fantastic processor to be honest 😀

  6. Bonkai says:

    Aruffell;16723 wrote: Thanks 😀 Got one of those in our AMD test rig, fantastic processor to be honest 😀

    Yea man , i have a golden chip, mine turn into X4, have not yet overclocked it yet, need a good cooler

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