AMD planning HD 7000 series price cuts

/ 5 years ago

We brought you the news not that long ago that AMD’s HD 7990 was on the way, slated for a late July launch. Now it appears AMD is gearing up for that launch by cutting the prices of the HD 7000 series of high performance cards. The HD 7970 all the way down to the HD 7850 are planned some price cuts.

The HD 7970 GHz Edition will stick to its entry pricing of $499. Whilst the HD 7970, the previous flagship single GPU card, will be repriced at $429. The HD 7950, the rather weak GTX 670 contender, will drop to $349. Both the HD 7970 and HD 7950 get the three for free promotion where you get three Direct X 11 games worth $100 (Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Dirt Showdown and Nexuiz last time we checked).

The HD 7870 GHz Edition gets a price chop down to $299 and a bonus copy of Dirt Showdown thrown in (RPP $50).  The HD 7850 comes in at $250, making HD 7850 CrossFireX equivalently priced to the HD 7970 GHz Edition, and given that HD 7850 CrossFireX performs better than a HD 7970 GHz Edition or GTX 680, that certainly seems like an attractive proposition.

These prices will be effective as of Monday July the 16th and the MSRP prices are just new guideline prices, retailers and manufacturers can sell for lower or higher prices, but ultimately AMD is selling the GPUs to its partners for lower prices so they should pass the price cuts onto consumers appropriately.

With yet another round of price cuts AMD further cranks up the pressure on Nvidia’s GTX 680 and GTX 670 pair, which is still awaiting the addition of the GTX 670SE, GTX 660Ti and GTX 660 cards, so badly needed to compete with AMD’s full range of 28nm offerings.


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