AMD Polaris 12 Spotted With 640 Stream Processors

/ 6 months ago

AMD Polaris 12 RX 550Within the nest month or so, AMD is set to launch their RX 500 series of graphics card. Largely based on a refresh of the Polaris 10 and Polaris 11 GPUs powering the RX 400 series, there are several new cards in the works as well. One of those is the Polaris 12 GPU which has been leaked several times now but usually just mentioned without any specifications. Luckily for us, the newest leak shows at least some of those numbers.

Listed in the OpenCL page on CompuBench, Polaris 12 as expected if part of the Polaris family of GPUs utilizing GCN 4. We have a total of 10 Compute Units which gives us 640 Stream Processors at 64 per CU. Given the size differential, either AMD is cutting Polaris 11 nearly in half to make this GPU or more likely is Polaris 12. This places it in the area of Cape Verde which maxed out at 640 Stream processors on the original GCN.

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Given these specifications, we will most likely see Polaris 12 being used for the RX 550. Clocked at 1302 MHz and with a maximum of 4 GB of GDDR5, it should sit nicely below the 896/1024 shaders of the RX 460 and rumored RX 560. It’s also nice to see AMD address the lower end of the market which has been underserved with the RX 400 lineup, being relegated to only OEM options or older cards.

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