AMD R9-290X PCB Spotted

/ 4 years ago


Leaked images have revealed the PCB of AMD’s new flagship graphics card that replaces the HD 7970 GHz Edition. The R9-290X is AMD’s latest single GPU creation based on a revised and enlarged 28nm die. The PCB reveals that the new flagship has a 512 bit memory interface, uses 4GB of GDDR5 memory and has a large die size of 424mm squared compared to 389 on the HD 7970.

The pictures also revealed a 5+1+1 phase VRM design and 8+6pin PCIe power configuration. If the source of the leak is to be believed then we could expect to see an MSRP of $600-$649 on AMD’s new flagship graphics card. Below is a summary of the main specifications as helpfully compiled by WCCFTech.r9-290x-pcb-3

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The back of the PCB reveals very little other than that it is black and uses a similar mounting system for the reference cooler to the HD 7970.


Image #1 and #3 courtesy of and image #2 courtesy of WCCFTech

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3 Responses to “AMD R9-290X PCB Spotted”
  1. Dragos Popescu says:

    2 days till we’ll see them officially 😛

  2. Alex Fischer says:

    Can somebody guess the length of this card based on the pcie slot.

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