AMD Radeon 6990 dual graphics due in February

/ 7 years ago

The Radeon 6990 has been a highly talked about card for quite some time, especially with the GTX 580 taking the crown with its powerful clock speeds. Though that being said, the 5970 is STILL the fastest dual core graphics card on the market and with the 6990 set to take over, 2011 could look to be a very interesting year.

As the 6990 wasn’t ready for CES, due to the delayed 6950/6970 launch, it has been pushed back till just after the Chinese New Year at around the end of February/beginning of March.

The card will be based on the already successful Cayman core, but rumours are spouting that it could be Barts based, but we very much doubt this is true.

All we do know is that this hot card will have an interesting launch with Nvidia’s dual core GF110 on the radar too.

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