AMD Radeon 8990 rumoured to launch in 2013

/ 5 years ago

According to a recent leak that was discovered by Maximum PC,  AMD would be releasing AMD Radeon HD 8990 with 2x South Islands GPU core codenamed “Venus XTX”.

AMD Radeon HD 8990’s specs, looking at the table, comes with 950 MHz Core clock speed and memory clock speed of 1250 MHz per core with memory of between 6- 12 GB with Min TDP of 6 Watts and Max TDP of 375 Watts.

There’s also HD 8970 with core close speed of 1050 MHz and frequency memory 1500 MHz with 3 gig memory and AMD Radeon HD 8950 with 1050 MHz Core clock Speed and 1375 MHz Memory frequency with 3gig memory.

AMD 8870 would be with 1000 MHz Core Clock Speed with 1500 MHz memory frequency, with maximum TDP of upto. On the bottom of the list, there’s 8750 with 800 MHz core clock speed and 1150 MHz Memory frequency with 250 W max TDP.

Source: Bitdreams | Maximum PC

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