AMD Radeon HD 7990 gets delayed

/ 5 years ago

The HD 7990 that has been consistently delayed was expected for a late July launch, but yep you guessed it (or just read the title), it has been delayed yet again.

The dual GPU graphics card, engineered to compete with Nvidia’s GTX 690, is now reportedly delayed until the end of August at the earliest. The reasoning behind the delay is not clear but some have suggested that the shortage of PLX’s PEX8747 PCI express generation 3 bridge chips could be a major factor, since the basis of any dual GPU card is the ability to bridge a dual GPU connection on the same PCB.

Although, that shortage doesn’t really stack up since Nvidia’s GTX 690 requires exactly the same component and yet managed to make it to market well before AMD.

Others have suggested AMD are delaying the launch as they are trying to fully optimise the HD 7990 for a launch that will be competitive with the GTX 690. Obviously AMD do not want to launch a card that isn’t power, price or performance competitive with the GTX 690 so are taking some extra time to work with their GPU producer TSMC to make sure the card is as good as it needs to be to succeed.

Considering the GTX 690 has been out of so long now it seems AMD are running out of time, the first generation 28nm dual GPU window is shutting fast as impatient enthusiasts snap up GTX 690s. We only hope the HD 7990 will be worth the wait for consumers.


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