AMD Relaunching FX-9590 With Liquid Cooling System For $360

/ 3 years ago


A few days ago AMD’s Roy Taylor caused a bit of a stir by posting an interesting picture to Twitter which showed an unnamed FX series processor with a liquid cooling system. The picture suggested anything from a brand new CPU to a relaunch of the previously OEM FX-9590. We covered all potential options and sadly it has turned out to be the least interesting of them all, the FX 9590 relaunch. According to the source AMD will relaunch the formerly OEM FX-9590 as a retail package processor, the CPU will have the exact same specifications (as detailed in the table below) and it will come with a slightly raised MSRP of $359 due to the inclusion of a water cooling system. That’s $40 more than the OEM chip so you probably shouldn’t expect too much from the water cooler. It seems like it will probably be a slim 120mm based design, the source suggests it will be the Cooler Master Seidon 120 AIO LCS which currently retails for around $60. The water cooler should allow the chip to achieve its higher turbo frequencies more consistently than an air-cooler would.

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Source: Hardware Canucks

Image courtesy of Hardware Canucks

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