AMD Richland APU specifications and lineup leaked

/ 5 years ago

Details about the AMD’s next generation of APU is set to be released during Q2 2013, however the leaked specifications from a source has given some good idea about the AMD “Richland” APU lineup. AMD’s second-generation A-series Fusion “Richland” APUs use up to 4 Piledriver cores with 3 models of AMD Radeon HD graphics core. These processors are essentially a 32nm process.

According to the leak, the Richland APU will have Dual and Quad core K and non K series SKUs. The base model is the A4-6300, a dual core processor with a 65Watt TDP and 3.7GHz base clock with 3.9GHz boost and a HD 8370D GPU clocked at 760MHz. The Flagship model within the Richland lineup is named the A10-6800K, a quad core processor with a 100w TDP, 4.1 GHz base clock and goes up to 4.4GHz with Boost, with a HD 8670D GPU clocked at 844MHz.

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Do note that the HD8000 series is based on GCN architecture which will allow dual graphic support with the HD7000 series GPU.

APU ModelTDPCoresCPU Base/Boost Clock Speed (GHz)GPU and Clock Speed (MHz)
A10-6800K100W44.1/4.4HD 8670D/844
A10-670065w43.7/4.3HD 8670D/844
A8-6600K100W43.9/4.2HD 8570D/844
A8-650065W43.5/4.1HD 8570D/844
A6-6400K65W23.9/4.1HD 8470D/800
A4-630065W23.7/3.9HD 8370D/760

Source: VR-Zone China

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