Sapphire AMD RX 470 Crossfire Graphics Card Review

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Sapphire AMD RX 470 Crossfire Graphics Card Review

Multi-GPU support has become an afterthought for developers in recent years and this niche section of the market is often forgotten. Granted, I always recommend opting for the best single card solution over two weaker products because Crossfire and SLI scaling is very unpredictable. This results in hitching, micro-stutter and generally, a poor return on investment. In theory, DirectX 12 could revolutionise the level of optimisation on multi-GPU configurations and allow each card’s video memory to be fully utilised. Not only that, this API gives the end-user the freedom to pair graphics products from NVIDIA and AMD. Despite this potential, NVIDIA doesn’t seem to be entertaining the idea of multi-GPUs and restricted the support of more than two cards on the GTX 1070 and GTX 1080 to synthetic applications like 3DMark. Furthermore, NVIDIA disabled the GTX 1060’s SLI functionality because they don’t anticipate many people going down that route on the lower-end. Whether you agree with this decision or not, it’s a negative aspect of the GTX 1060 and restricts its upgrade path.

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In direct contrast, AMD’s Polaris 10 architecture which includes the RX 480 and RX 470 allows consumers to use up to 4 cards in a Crossfire setup. Now that the RX 470 has released, we’re analysing the performance benefits of a low-cost Crossfire rig and comparing it to a wide range of alternatives. Has Crossfire had its day or can it uphold a smooth and powerful gaming experience on a budget?

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14 Responses to “Sapphire AMD RX 470 Crossfire Graphics Card Review”
  1. 12John34 says:

    Well we might see better multigpu support now that Microsoft is trying to push it by giving free examples and code on Github.
    Thanks for the review.

    • John Williamson says:

      You’re welcome! Yep, I hope so but not expecting any change for a while, considering doing a similar article with the RX 460 but could require some tweaks with the games.

      • 12John34 says:

        I don’t know how many will be interested for an RX 460 CF setup. Two RX 460 will have less stream processors and still cost more than one RX 470. Probably for that reason there are not going to be enough or any reviews out there, testing a CF setup with two RX 460. eteknix could end up as one of the few having such a review.

  2. Virulis says:

    FYI Ashes of the Singularity mGPU only works if Crossfire is disabled since it uses the cards independently rather than “synced”

  3. DeathMade says:

    >does an article about CF
    >picks games which dont support mGPU

    • John Williamson says:

      I go into detail why that’s the case to show the current state of Crossfire/SLI in the usual test bench including DX12 and Vulkan. Then I included Shadow of Mordor to show that there is cases when the scaling works pretty well. Surely, the issue is that many games don’t support multi-GPU and changing the testing to show ones which do seems to give an unfair reflection.

      • DeathMade says:

        GTAV scales extremely well. Where is it?

        • John Williamson says:

          I can only benchmark so many games within a certain time period and I once again state that the idea of changing the games doesn’t show how Crossfire works in our test bench. If people prefer to see the benchmarks for Crossfire only games even if they’re old and doesn’t show the experience people will have with modern games then that’s something to look into. Please don’t make demands, I’m only trying to produce honest content and reviews are a length process especially with NDAs.

      • Xarras says:

        Also , where’s the full comparison vs other cards on shadow of mordor? Can’t help but get the feeling that the review is done in such a way as to trash and downplay the idea of crossfire in favor of subsequently recommending a higher specced, higher price Nvidia gpu…..

  4. MelancholyWay says:

    Someone pointed this out and the comment was removed. This is from the oxide developers specifically:

    “For best performance, disable Crossfire/SLI directly in the AMD or Nvidia Control Panels”

  5. Javier Saove says:

    1060 SLI?.

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