AMD Sees A Bright Future For PC Gaming

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It seems that not a year goes by without some kind of industry expert, major company or just some highly opinionated analyst claim that the PC is dead, or that PC gaming has stagnated, will die due to piracy or some other nonsense, although the same can be said that someone crops up each year to counter that will claims that this will be the year PC makes a comeback.

Many people believe that PC gaming has lost its edge and become a little lifeless, some of those people might even be right and there isn’t as many new gamers coming to the PC market as their once was. AMD thinks that they can change all of that and personally I think they’ve got a pretty good shot at it.

AMD’s Corporate Vice President of Global Channel Sales was speaking with in a recent interview where he said “Most people would say that it has lost some of its charm I say that our commitment and work with game developers to bring back some of [PC gaming] stimulus. I’ll give you an example: My father is a PC gamer. But for a few years, he has pursued other interests. When Tomb Raider came out, my father saw the images TressFX hair simulation and wanted the game. TressFX for us is just the beginning of a whole series of things that we will do together with game developers have to make PC gaming more exciting,”

Features like TressFX may not be perfect, but it was a great way of boosting not only promotion for the game, but also for AMD hardware which is of course a good thing for both parties. The TressFX hair simulation offered something  new and maybe even a little gimmicky, but that doesn’t make it any different from the other graphical enhancements that we see added over the years, at least this one was a little more fun and creative than most others.

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Its within AMDs best interest to work closely with developers, if they can come up with unique technology and features for games that fit well with their hardware, then it can only benefit the gamer further and in turn the developers and hardware manufacturers.

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One Response to “AMD Sees A Bright Future For PC Gaming”
  1. Wayne says:

    We’ve all heard “The end is nigh for PC games” for years now and it’s nice to hear the opposite. I sure hope they’re right or else my gaming ‘career’ will be at an end. I prefer to avoid consoles & handhelds.

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