AMD Socket AM4 APU Delidded Photos Emerge

/ 10 months ago


Delidding is the process of removing a CPU’s integrated heatspreader to reduce thermal loads and achieve higher overclocks. Unless you’re a professional overclocker, this isn’t recommended and will certainly invalidate your warranty. Sometimes, enthusiasts delid their CPU because of the poor quality stock thermal paste. This has been the case on certain Intel CPU’s and replacing the thermal interface material with an aftermarket option yields decent gains. Saying that, it’s not really worth the hassle. Recently, pictures emerged from the overclocker Nam Dae Won showing the first glimpse of an AMD socket AM4 Bristol Ridge APU being delidded. As you can see, the APU has a large die and the thermal paste application is extremely good. By the looks of things, the thermal interface material could be liquid metal or standard lead-free solder.

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The overclocker also posted a clear picture of the pin-grid-array which appears to lack any SMT components. As the release draws nearer, I’m expecting to hear more details about the architecture changes and manufacturing process. So far, the IHS seal looks pretty good and I’d be interested in testing the thermal changes when comparing a delidded Bristol Ridge APU and stock model.


Have you ever delidded your CPU?

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