AMD Tease Something New?

/ 3 years ago


This past week has certainly been a bit of a tough one for the red team as Nvidia took over the web with news, leaks, coverage and of course; the official unveiling of the GTX 900 series graphics cards. If you’re unsure on how they perform, it’s worth checking out our reviews here:

Even some heart-felt news took the web by storm when Nvidia gave a shiny new GTX 980 graphics card was given to an eager gamer who waited in line for the GAME24 event in Stockholm, Sweden as seen here.

While this is all great news and some amazing PR for the green team, AMD were brushed to the side while Nvidia held the spotlight, but it seems that AMD have something up their sleeve destined for 25th September 2014 as depicted in the above and below images.

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After some investigations, it seems that only AMD India are the ones promoting it from first observation, but we can’t see this being something new for their market solely, so hopefully we see some more pushed to social media on a global level, but only time will tell.

What do you think AMD have up their sleeve? More APUs? Higher core CPUs or maybe the rumoured R9 390X graphics card that we’ve already reported on here and here? Who knows, but for now, we will just have to sit and wait.

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3 Responses to “AMD Tease Something New?”
  1. André C says:

    shal b the 390… still I’d hope for either a lower end card (can’t afford flagship) or an improved processor (6-8 core APU would be awesome)

  2. Can’t wait competition = good

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