AMD to release two unlocked APUs

/ 6 years ago

AMD is continuing its “Black Edition” concept with its APUs except this time it is using the Intel style “K” branding to distinguish between them. There will be two of these models one for the mid range A6 APU and one for the fastest A8 APU. Both will come with the unlocked base clock multiplier which makes overclocking substantially easier since there is no messy FSB changing which causes RAM speeds to change and potentially create system instability.

The two models the A6-3670K and the A8-3870K are 100MHz faster than their 3650 and 3850 siblings. The A8-3870K features a 3GHz base CPU clock alongside 400 Radeon stream processors clocked at 600MHz. The A6-3670K has a 2.7GHz base clock along with 320 Radeon stream processors clocked at 444MHz. There will be no Turbo Core technology on these K edition processors but the unlocked multiplier should more than make up for that.


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